Web skills
* The skills required to maintain this site features - Video Recording, Editing and Mixing, Image/Photo Editing, Web programming like PHP/CGI, Javascript(General, JSON, AJAX, JQuery, YouTube, Translate, Google Maps API), HTML5, CSS, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Design, Responsive Design, Bootstrap 4.x, WordPress and Databases like MS Access,MySQL.
* Current Server PHP Version : 7.3, MySQL Version : 10.6.1, Bootstrap (Properties value), Laravel 5.7, Drupal 8.6
* Last Major Update
1. Sep, 2018. Upgraded(Moved web content & Database) hosting to cPanel(Linux), PHP to 7.2(locally tested with 7.2), MySQL to 5.6(locally tested with 8.0), Overall system test, Upgraded from Laravel 5.5 to 5.7
2. Aug, 2018. Upgraded Bootstrap to 4.1.3, PHP to 5.6(locally tested with 7.0), MySQL to 5.5(locally tested with 8.0)